Thoresen Scholarship

The Jean H. Thoresen
ECSU-AAUP Scholarship

What is it?
The ECSU Chapter of the AAUP announces a scholarship program for ECSU undergraduate students conducting independent or collaborative research projects. The Jean H. Thoresen ECSU-AAUP Scholarship will be awarded to assist with the costs involved in completing one or more research or creative projects and/or presenting research at an academic conference. Successful applicants may receive up to $500 per application.

How do I apply?
Applicants must write their own proposal, even if it is a collaborative project. Only one application per student will be reviewed per semester. It is the student’s responsibility to provide all requested information.

 * * * * Note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.* * * *

 The application must include:
1. Application Form available on the ECSU-AAUP website.
2. Project proposal narrative:
a. Limited to four (4) typed pages using 12-point font, double-spaced, with
0.7 inch margins.
b. A clear set of goals/objectives for the project.
c. An appropriate and feasible methodology or plan for conducting the
project, including a timeline.
d. Likelihood of significant outcome, such as publication, presentation at a
conference, performance, or exhibition
e. Evidence of a well-focused and worthy project presented in relationship
to the applicant’s field of study.
3. Proposed budget with documentation/justification.
4. Curriculum vitae (Resume).
5. Letter of recommendation from the supervising faculty member evaluating the feasibility of the project as proposed by the student.
6. One hard copy AND one electronic file of the complete proposal delivered by the deadline to:

Science Building 452
(note Thoresen Application in subject line)

When is my application due?
The deadline for receipt of proposals is Monday at Noon (12:00 pm) – Fall Semester – 3rd Monday of September; Spring Semester – 2nd Monday of February

Who will review the proposal? Complete proposals will be evaluated by the ECSU-AAUP Executive Board. The proposal(s) deemed most-competitive by the Executive Board will be selected for funding. Incomplete applications will not be funded.

What strings are attached?
Upon completion of a funded project, a brief project report must be filed with the ECSU-AAUP office. This report must include documentation of how the scholarship funds were spent.

If I have other questions, who should I contact?
Dr. C. A. Carlson, ECSU-AAUP Treasurer, (860) 465-5218,