Unions vote “YES”!

This afternoon, at 12:30 PM, a televised announcement of Connecticut’s state workers’ union votes on the revised tentative agreement between the State of Connecticut and SEBAC was aired on WFSB-Channel 3.

Dawn Tyson, a Dept. of Social Services worker and member of AFSCME Local 538, made the announcement that 14 of 15 unions (32 of […]

New Tentative Agreement Reached

Late last week, a revised tentative agreement was reached between the State of Connecticut and SEBAC. The complete text of the revised agreement is available under “Contract” in the drop-down menu above.

A summary of the differences between this tentative agreement and the May agreement are summarized in the previous post.

Information on the ratification […]

Revised Tentative Agreement: Summary of Changes

Summary of Changes in this Tentative Agreement

II. Reaffirmation of the Independence of the Plans. The parties reaffirm that the State Employee Pension and Health Care plans are set forth in contract, and are intended to and shall remain independent of any other pension or health care plans that may or may not […]

How the Unions Voted

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HARTFORD — Here is a breakdown of how the unions voted on the labor concessions and savings deal worked out between the Gov. Dannel P. Malloy administration and union leaders.

Eleven of 15 unions, a majority of 34 bargaining units, and nearly 60 percent of all participating members […]

SEBAC Leadership Resolution – June 27, 2011

SEBAC leadership acknowledges the affirmative votes of 57% of our members in favor of SEBAC 2011, as well as of 26 of our 34 bargaining units. We also acknowledge that 11 of our 15 voting members would cast their votes in the affirmative if the motion were fully voted, but that 11 of 15 is […]

CSU-AAUP Ratifies Agreement

The results for CSU-AAUP’s vote on the SEBAC Tentative Agreement is as follows:

Approve – 1,054 (90%) Disapprove – 114 (10%)

Approximately 33% of the membership voted.

Voting for all State of Connecticut bargaining units concludes on Friday June 24. Final results of union voting are expected to be announced on Monday.

State/SEBAC Agreement video

ECSU-AAUP Chapter Meeting/Informational Session on Concession Agreement


On May 20, a Chapter Meeting and Informational Session on the SEBAC Concession Agreement was held. During the meeting, CSU President Vijay Nair addressed union members’ questions and concerns. Click on the arrow above to view the […]

State/SEBAC Agreement


State employees are coming together on SATURDAY, JUNE 4TH, from 2-5 p.m. at the Connecticut State Armory in Hartford to get the facts about the health care and pension aspects of SEBAC 2011.

The Health Care and Pension Agreement will now […]