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March 2013

Part-Time Faculty Conference – March 1, 2013

Contingent Appointments and Governance


A report just out from the AAUP (http://www.aaup. org/ AAUP/newsroom/ 2012webhighlight/congovreport .htm) examines the current state of affairs in academia that couples a steadily rising proportion of faculty in contingent appointments with a system in which such faculty are only sometimes included in governance structures. Th report makes recommendations for the inclusion of […]

Survey of Contingent Faculty

Today (June 20), the Coalition on the Academic Workforce, of which the AAUP is a member, released the results of its highly anticipated survey of contingent faculty. The survey, which received nearly 30,000 responses, provides a detailed look at the working conditions associated with contingent faculty appointments—an appointment type that now constitutes the majority […]

ECSU AAUP Honors Part-Time Faculty

Part timer-recognition slideshow from ecsuweb Thanks to all who attended this first-of-its-kind event.

Where Adjunct Issues are a Priority

A Vision for Adjuncts

by Kaustuv Basu

(as reported in Inside Higher Education, February 21, 2012) Adjunct professors often say that university administrators give them short shrift, with low pay and lack of benefits being the common complaints.

A small private college in the Boston suburbs is tackling the issue head-on […]

Adjuncts Gather in DC


A Call to Action

by Kaustuv Basu

(as reported in Inside Higher Education, January 30, 2012)

WASHINGTON – They gathered to commiserate and commit to giving adjunct faculty a stronger voice. In what was part bonding session, part road map for the future, members of the “New Faculty Majority,” a group […]