Am I a member?  

All full and part-time teaching faculty, counselors, librarians and coaches are automatically members of the CSU-AAUP Bargaining Unit and have dues or agency fees, equal to 1% of salary, deducted from their paychecks. However faculty are not automatically members of the AAUP.

To become a full member of ECSU-AAUP, CSU-AAUP and AAUP, you simply sign a membership form.  If you are not sure of your membership status, please call the office (5-5153) and ask Christine Guarnieri, our office staff person.

Benefits of membership:
* Right to hold office
* Voting privileges
* Access to member benefits
* Subscription to Academe
* Access to Adjunct Nation (contact the office for LOGIN details)

What if I choose not to be a member?  

If you choose not to sign a membership form, then you are considered an agency fee payer. Your fee is the same amount and is collected in the same manner as membership dues.  See also “Notice to Non-ECSU-AAUP Members’ on this website. The philosophy behind the agency fee is that every member of the bargaining unit benefits from CSU-AAUP’s main function as contract negotiator and administrator.

Where do my dues (or agency fees) go?

CSU-AAUP collects dues by payroll deduction and pays the following annual dues on behalf of each member:

 Dues Paid       Full Time     Part Time

National AAUP






State Conference






The balance remains with CSU-AAUP and is used primarily for the purpose of performing its duties as the exclusive representative of the faculty (e.g., for use in collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance handling).