Faculty FAQ

What are the start and end dates of the teaching faculty’s year?

The work year for all full-time members of the bargaining unit, excluding librarians, counselors, coaches and non-instructional athletic trainers and members with extended assignments pursuant to Article shall be that period which begins on the fourth (4th) Monday in August and terminates on the last day in May (from article 10.1 Work Year for Teaching Members, Collective Bargaining Agreement August 25, 2007 – August 25, 2011)________________________________________________

Can part-time faculty vote?

Part-time faculty who are AAUP members may vote.

Can a part-time member who doesn’t work on this campus vote?

You must be a member of the ECSU-AAUP Chapter to vote in ECSU elections.

I am a part-time faculty member and pay AAUP union dues, so I am a member, right?

In order to be considered an AAUP member, you must complete a membership form indicating that you are choosing membership. Those who do not complete the form are members of the Bargaining Unit but not of AAUP.

What is the CBC?

The CBC is the Collective Bargaining Congress – the collective bargaining arm of the National AAUP, which represents sixty percent of active AAUP members. It is comprised of all of the collective bargaining chapters of the National AAUP and makes recommendations to the National Council and Annual Meeting on matters concerning the purpose, structure, and work of the AAUP. It also operates workshops to train its members to negotiate and administer contracts. The Chair of the CBC is ex officio on the AAUP National Council and Executive Committee. The CBC meets in December and in conjunction with the National AAUP Meeting in June.

What is SEBAC?

SEBAC stands for State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition. It is the coalition of all state employees’ unions, mandated by State Statute to bargain for Health Care and Pension Benefits.

What Do CSU-AAUP Council Members Do?

The duties of the CSU-AAUP Council include the following:

  • Selection and instruction of the bargaining team.  Such instruction will include responsibility for safeguarding rights of special groups including, but not limited to, librarians, counselors, women and minorities;
  • Authorization to invoke binding arbitration in the event of an impasse in bargaining;
  • Appointment of officials and committees necessary to fulfill the purposes of the organization;
  • Recommendation to the membership of the amount of dues and assessments;
  • Establishment of such by-laws and regulations as are necessary to carry out the purposes of the organizations. Such by-laws shall not be inconsistent with this constitution;
  • Publication of regular reports of its activities and financial status to the bargaining unit;
  • Creation and adoption of a budget and disbursement of funds;
  • Maintenance of relations with state and national AAUP and other appropriate agencies.

The CSU-AAUP council meets on the third Thursday of each month at CCSU (New Britain) during the academic year.  The meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and last about two hours.

The CSU-AAUP Constitution provides for one council representative for every 150 members or fraction thereof, and one alternate per campus.  The alternate is entitled to vote if one of our council representatives is absent.  ECSU has 223 full-time faculty and 279 part-time faculty; thus, we have 4 council representatives.  The allotment of council representatives at the other campuses is as follows: CCSU, 7; SCSU, 8, and WCSU, 5.

The complete council is comprised of the 24 council representatives, the 4 chapter presidents, and the 4 CSU–AAUP officers.  The total number of council members is 32; thus, 17 members in attendance are needed for a quorum.

What does DEC stand for?

DEC stands for Department Evaluation Committee. More information can be found in the current bargaining agreement (CBA) in section 4.11. The entire contract and other documents of interest can be found on the ECSU-AAUP website.